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Trade Machine

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1Trade Machine Empty Trade Machine on Thu Aug 02, 2012 5:19 am


Trade Machine

I shall be one the overseer of these trades.

The rules are simple. There are alot, but its not rocket Science.
1) Both players must ether post here, or PM me/another moderator about their side of the trade deals.

2) Unless another moderator validates the trade, you cannot edit your profile to have the others Pokemon.

3) We will take into consideration the quality of the Pokemon being traded. We will not allow strong pokemon to be traded for Magikarp, since that gives the impression that you are ether creating multiple accounts/hacking another. The only exception is mentioned in rule 5.

4) Although we will not do it at all pretty much, we can deny any trade if we should find something that tips off someone is getting ripped off.

5) If you wish to perform a trade with a weak pokemon, WITH a item, so you can get a good pokemon for that item, or are wishing for a trade back, include that in the info. We will allow the trade through/validate the trade back in one go.

6) Once you have been informed the trade was successful, we will make the proper arrangements to your account to validate the trade, so you don't need to change your account.

7) If you should PM a moderator, and get no reply, you can PM another one. However, be sure to PM the previous moderator that the trade has been switched to another moderator, to prevent confusion among any of you.

8) Once a moderator has validated a trade, we don't need another all over it. So be sure if a moderator has validated it or not.

    PMing a moderator will mean that they get it the moment they log in. However, if the Moderator you PM is gone for a length of time, that can be trouble. So, you might just want to post in here, so any moderator can waltz in and validate the trade.

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