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All About Battles

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This small guide will allow you to hop straight into battling in PBA. It is not an in-depth coverage on how battling works. To find all of the mechanics, engines, bells and whistles; go to the Overhead Manual, where everything is explained.

  1. Issuing a Challenge
    When issuing a challenge to someone, you should first check their battle schedules. When are they most free? If they have a good amount of time in which they are free during a day, issue a challenge to them via PM. You can then create a battle thread, with all applicable rules stated. An OH will take over the thread.

    It is recommended that you contact the person to check if they want to battle. Otherwise, you run the risk of having an empty battle thread.

  2. Call Out a Pokemon
    When the rules have been stated, and an OH asks you to send your Pokemon, the challenged user will send their Pokemon first. The challenger will send theirs second.

    When calling out a Pokemon, you must have the name of the Pokemon somewhere in your post along with their held item. Ex: [Gengar, Focus Sash]. You must post a link to your stats at the beginning of the match, so as to keep it fair.

    No Pokemon that is gained after the battle can be used. Any held item that is gained after the battle is not able to be used.

  3. Call out Moves
    When the Pokemon are finally chosen, the person who sent their Pokemon second will send their move first. The moves that are able to be used are the ones located in the active Pokemon's movepool.

    No move added after the battles start can be used.

  4. The Victor
    The victor of the battle is decided when one side's entire team is not capable of being used.

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