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League Positions & Information

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League Positions are the roles within the PBA League that can be given to a user.

When one gains a League Position, it will usually embody one of the three; Gym Leader, Elite Four, or Elite Four Champion. Before we continue, we will go in-depth on what these positions are and what they embody.

  • Gym Leader - A Gym Leader is a position of league power where the user is the owner of their own type-specific area, allowing them to test Trainers wanting to move onto fighting the Elite Four.

    The number of Gym Leaders available will be the active amount required for the user to bypass before being capable of moving onto the Elite Four. Gym Leaders are required to have a minimum of three Pokemon in their lineup, with a maximum lineup of 6.

    Defeating a Gym Leader awards the Trainer with a Badge, Money, and the Gym Leader's chosen TM/HM/AM. The maximum number of Gym Leaders that will be allowed is 10.

  • Elite Four - The Elite Four are, in terms of strength, considered to be the toughest of the League; just short of Champion status. They are the final ones who stand in the way of the Champion. Upon reaching the Elite Four, it is advised that a Trainer bring their absolutely best Pokemon to do battle.

    The number of active Elite Four members does not matter, as one will always have to fight an Elite four times. If there is less than the required amount, an Elite Four member(s) must choose to battle more than once to allow the Trainer access.

    They are able to use a non type-specific lineup of 12 Pokemon, maximum; and are able to use any of the 12 in a 6 VS 6 battle against the challenger. Defeating the Elite Four members gives way to fight the Champion.

  • Elite Four Champion - The strongest active Trainer. They are the trainer who is said to be strong enough to head the League, being more powerful than all active Elite Four members. Defeating the Champion is to become the Champion, yourself. This is no easy task, however.

    The Champion has an active lineup of any Pokemon in their stat arsenal, including any active and legitimate Legendary Pokemon. Gaining the position of Champion, one is able to get access to 2 Pokemon of any level, but it must be non-legendary. This Pokemon is able to be kept, even after the user steps down/loses their position.

    A special rule for a Champion is that, if there are no active Champions by the time of the Elite Four's defeat, the victor of the Elite Four will become the new Champion by default.

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