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Professions Listings

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Welcome, all!

You have stumbled upon this thread after reading its name. That's great! It's a good thing you did, too; we were looking for more people to hire!

This portion of the game is the Professions Listings. Professions are jobs in PBA that are done by individual members. These jobs range from moderation of battles to server maintenance and programming.

Of course, all of these jobs pay. It goes without saying that there are some jobs with precedence over others. These jobs are normally the hard ones; though are the most rewarding. Some require a bit of a learning curve, but are generally quite easy to grasp.

Below, you will find a list of all professions that is available to a member, as well as important information and requirements for them.

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An overhead is responsible for the integral part of PBA - that being, all Pokemon battles. They moderate and judge the battles with a system of calculators and functions created specifically for use by them. These overheads are the most important individuals to the mainstream game - without them, there would be no game!

  • Must pass the calculator and judgement test.
  • Must have all of the information present and accounted for when judging battles.
  • Must be a neutral party for anyone in battle.
  • Must be active to retain position.

Becoming an Elite Overhead means that you are a higher power than other normal overheads. You have the ability to test other aspiring battle judges with our patented answer key. Mark their questions carefully and concisely.

Important Links
  • Overhead Manual

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