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PBA Rules

Overall Behavior
  • There will be no drama or disrespect of any other members here. These include trolling, flaming, bashing, etc. for any reason. No matter who starts it, both will face the consequences if you do not act maturely.
  • All are equal. There is no such thing as someone better, just because they have something that is better than someone else. Be a leader, not an antagonist.
  • Pornographic, vulgar, or shock links are not allowed in any sense. Graphics or videos of that nature is also expressly forbidden, and will result in an automatic banning.
  • No advertising anywhere other than the advertising forums.
  • No asking for staff positions. They will be awarded to you, not simply given on a whim.

  • Limit the amount of battles you have active to three at the most. This allows you ample time to set up and think of your next, effective move.
  • A user can only be active in one server at a time.

  • All stats are to be taken care of by a single individual. There can be no one who will update someone's stats for them. Make sure that you always remain fair.
  • Any attempts at cheating or performing anything that can be considered illegal in your stats will result in a revoking of many things in your stats, or a momentary/permanent banning from the site.
  • Using clone accounts to attempt to get more things in the RPG is expressly forbidden, and is regarded as cheating.

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