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Welcome to the Trainer Stats! By this point, you would've already chosen a starter and began your adventure. That's very grand! Our world welcomes you.

Now that you've stepped foot into the world, you can begin your adventure. The first step to that would be the creation of your stats. All stats are kept within this portion of the game - accessible to any and all who wish to see.

Below, we have a list of those who have registered their stats. To get yours registered, contact the Administrator.


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The Rules & Regulations

When dealing with trainer stats, the owner of the stats is to be the one in charge. A trainer has the freedom to use as many posts of their trainer stats as they so please. However, no trainer is capable of going into another board or create a duplicate.

You must have a number of fields for your base profile, which is kept at all times.

  • Username
  • UserID
  • Position(s) [Must mirror Positions on Mini-Profile.]
  • Items
  • Badge Case

Please note that all things not listed here are taken care of remotely by the game leaders. These include battle record moderation, account balance, and all other things included.

For your Pokemon, you must use the following fields.
  • Species
  • Achieved [How you achieved the Pokemon. Must lead to a legitimate link.]
  • Nickname
  • Gender
  • Ability [Must start with a normal ability. Must have link to Dream Station input if Pokemon gains Dream World Ability.]
  • Movepool [All of the moves known by the Pokemon. The default amount they can learn at first is 4. This can be any Level Up move; nothing more.]

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