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Hidden Power Station

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Hidden Power Station Hidden_Power

  • You cannot choose your Hidden Power. You must post here to get it rolled, even if it's a Level-Up move.
  • When you post for it in the market, do it like any other purchase. Put a link to your bio and the Pokemon you are rolling for. It must show that your Pokemon has a Hidden Power that is blank, or a Hidden Power that already has a rolled type.
  • You cannot ask for a roll inside of PM. It must be public.
  • You won't be rerolled same type you have.
  • You must keep your new type, and are unable to visit the station again for a week after the roll.
  • After a Hidden Power type is rolled/rerolled, post it in your bio to reflect the new type. As always, it is imperative that you have a link. It is cheating, otherwise.
  • You are unable to reroll your Pokemon's HP if it is currently in battle.
  • Rerolls are to be witnessed by 2 other users, other than the roller.
  • Only officials can roll for Hidden Power.
  • Roll and Reroll results are posted here.
  • The results will include the customer's name, the Pokemon's species, the previous, the new type, and the witnesses.

1. Bug
2. Dark
3. Dragon
4. Electric
5. Fighting
6. Fire
7. Flying
8. Ghost
9. Grass
10. Ground
11. Ice
12. Poison
13. Psychic
14. Rock
15. Steel
16. Water

*Normal is not on the list, as Hidden Power Normal does not exist. There is no exception to this rule. Do not attempt to renumber anything to avoid rerolling the same type. Just do another reroll if you land on the same type.

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